Kanchanaburi motorbike trip

Kanchanaburi – bike trip. Finally after a few months of planning I made the decision to go directly after work to Kanchanaburi on a 800+ km bike trip. I finished my work at Insanity Nightclub at 4 am on Saturday on Sunday night and stepped on my bike to the big adventure. After i’ve called my friend to wake him up, I drove home to pack my 3 days 2 nights bag and went to see him. He was still showering and had a bit of an issue waking up yet.

The road to salvation.

At 5:17 am the tour started from sukhumvit 36, Bangkok to si sawat in Kanchanaburi with a few stops along the road for sight seeing and the occasional coffee and piss breaks. The first stop was at 7 am at a local gasoline station to have a European Red Bull and Nescafe espresso to wake me up.

After all, I didn’t sleep all night due to work, and was driving half a sleep. A few drinks and Smokey cheese sausages in, we started the engines and the drive off to Kanchanaburi has continued. Along the way to Kanchanaburi, we were passed by, and have passed by 100’s of other travellers by bikes. (I’m not a jealous person, but seeing all those 600cc up bikes vs my 300cc automatic Honda forza… I felt some) most of them were all driving the same bikes, Kawasaki group, Ducati group, cbr group, pcx with skinny wheels group and ya bet not… A zoomer x group.

The roads are amazing all the way from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi and I finally got the chance to pull the bike wide open. Unfortunately when I hit the 140+ kph the smooth tarmac surface disappeared in a gravelish piece of shit where we needed to reduce our speeds just below 80. Nevertheless, I was enthusiastic about the fact I’ve rode the bike behind the 130 kph. Let’s see what the real top speed is today!

First actual sight-seeing.

Our first stop was at the Kanchanaburi death railway station to take in some energy! And sightseeing the famous bridge on the river kwai.  You should try that when you’re on a trip trough or in Kanchanaburi.
The price of the food was pretty decent for a touristic destination. The total bill was just 500 Thb for a 1 liter coca cola, 1 ice bucket, 2 pad Thai chicken, garlic bread and chicken cashew nut. Plus it had a really decent view, straight next to the river with unblocked view of the bridge. So yet another 1.5 hour has passed and it’s time to pack up and drive across the many lanes trough the mountains.

Continuation of transport….

From the death railway station in Kanchanaburi we set our GPS to lead us to si sawat, a small village just about 120km from Kanchanaburi city. The roads are hot and my tiredness kicked in, til we finally met the mountain roads halfway the stage towards si sawat. These roads are amazing, just as a snake crawling trough the mountains we drive as our livesdepends on it. Sharp curves, astonishing views and best of all…. no traffic. 

Destination unknown… Time for Booking.com


At 2:30 pm we finally arrived at si sawat, kanchanaburi and rode a bit around to check out the many sceneric scenes of the huge srikarin lake. But yeah.. everyone who knows Rafael, knows that Rafael need aircon and sleep. So on to Booking.com and searching for a nice place to stay! This is what leaded us to Raya Buri Resort, Khanchanaburi, a beautiful hard to reach resort with floating houses, maintain view condos and bigger boat villas, with an amazing view of the lake and surrounding mountains. I stayed up for a few hours to indulge the peace and rest this place offers you, till the rain came in and my eyes were closing down…

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