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Insanity Nightclub Sukhumvit soi 11

Insanity Nightclub soi 11. Experience a world class Super Club in the heart of Bangkok, that rocks bass-heavy beats with big room EDM, Open Format and Electro House “7 nights a week”

Insanity Nightclub soi 11 is one of the largest clubs in the city of Bangkok (if not the largest of BKK).
Insanity Nightclub proves itself with a massive entrance which leads you into a big hanger style room with a 14-meter-high ceiling, a retractable halo lighting system, an L Acoustic sound system that fills the room with pure quality sound and heavy bass and a massive LED screen wall behind their DJ booth and all around the venue. I bet you’ve never have seen this yet in Asia.
Insanity Nightclub distinguish them self from others in the entertainment industry, by outstanding dance shows, seductive podium dancers and a central stage for those who want to let loose on the dance floor and keep keep the drinks flowing.

Entering the belly of the beast

You can enter Insanity Nightclub either by foot, own transport (limited parking space available) or by taxi. The entrance fee is 300 for man and 200 for ladies on Sunday to Thursday and on Friday and Saturday it’s 400 and 300.
Or buy a bottle and get up to 4 persons in for free (don’t forget, most of the taxi brings you FREE of charge to Insanity nightclub, due to Insanity Nightclub’s loyalty program for taxi drivers).

You can enter either way and the price stays the same. I personally like to go from the main entrance as there is also the V8 Diner (review here) and a great entrance with nice PR girls and massive doors that open up to the club and you’ll see how huge Insanity Nightclub is.
But from the parking entrance is an amazing experience as well.
After paying the entrance the friendly PR will guide you to the lift (some people call it elevator) which brings you when the doors open, directly in the club where you feel the bass directly in your whole body. 

Get mesmerized and indulge your surroundings

So now we’re inside… what to do next? I’ve paid for the entrance already. Now I’ve got this white payment slip/receipt… which I can exchange for 1 drink of choice.. So a San Miquel Light for me then. A waiter will come over, or walk to a waiter yourself to claim your complimentary drink. (They don’t exchange the receipt for a drink directly at the bar, without a waiter) Start to look for a table, which are everywhere around the venue and enjoy my body taking in all lights and sounds Insanity Nightclub is so famous for. 

What they playing? Can’t stop my feet…..

Insanity Nightclub is playing in general EDM, House, Commercial house and later on some hip-hop/trap/reaggeaton to keep the party going til very late. The DJ’s play good/sublime, international DJ’s (Tuesday, Wednesday and weekends) and national DJ’s are there to keep everyone satisfied and pleased as much they are able to. 

More information and booking form: clubinsanitybangkok.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/insanitynightclub/

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